How to wind springs on trailer ramp door

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How to wind springs on trailer ramp door

Download Printable Brochure. Trailer ramps make it easy to load heavy construction, trucking, landscaping, and other equipment and move it from one place to another.

how to wind springs on trailer ramp door

However, in order to take advantage of the full functionality of a trailer ramp, you need to make sure you are using the right kind of trailer ramp springs to handle the weight of the ramp for easy opening and closing. A trailer ramp spring is installed at the hinge mount where a ramp connects to the trailer in order to make it easier for the ramp to be lifted up or lowered down.

If you are looking for trailer ramp springs that will make raising and lowering heavy trailer ramps easier, Wermke Spring can help. We are a spring manufacturer that offers a wide variety of springs for all types of applications and all kinds of industries.

We manufacture, stock, and distribute trailer ramp springs in a standard size and dimension that is designed to work efficiently and universally with almost all ramp applications. However, if your trailer ramp requires customization, Wermke Spring technicians can manufacture custom springs as needed to fit your specifications. To learn more about the trailer ramp springs we offer and to request a quote, please contact us at Trailer ramp springs are created by making a coil out of spring tempered metal wires.

Both ends of a trailer ramp spring stick out like a lever. The specifications for our universal trailer ramp springs are as follows:. Whether you are a trailer manufacturer with ongoing needs or you are simply repairing one or two trailers for use, we manufacture high-quality trailer ramp springs that make raising and lowering ramps a breeze.

Our trailer ramp spring product is universally suitable for various ramp applications or you can have a spring customized and manufactured according to your needs. For pricing inquiries, initial quotes, and customization requests, you can contact us at Lark Ind. Fenton, MO Download Printable Brochure Trailer Ramp Springs: Universal Ramp Springs Trailer ramps make it easy to load heavy construction, trucking, landscaping, and other equipment and move it from one place to another.

Trailer Ramp Springs: Specifications and How to Use Them Trailer ramp springs are created by making a coil out of spring tempered metal wires. Any more than that and the ramp can still be raised, but there will not be any more load assist. In order for you to determine the approximate amount of torque needed by your ramp, you need to figure out the weight of the ramp and the ramp length in inches.

Then, divide the length of the ramp by two and multiply it by its weight. When installing trailer ramp springs, keep in mind that the direction of the coils is important. Lay the spring on its side resting on the ends of the coils looking at end of coils then follow coils as they are down and away, if the movement is counter clockwise than this is a left hand wind. If it is clockwise, it is a right hand wind. When the spring is in use, or when the ramp is lowered, the coils should be tightening to prevent premature failure.

The best way to attach springs is by mechanical attachment. Do not weld trailer ramp springs, as very high temperatures will change the molecular structure of the spring material causing it to become weak and brittle. Ordering Trailer Ramp Springs Whether you are a trailer manufacturer with ongoing needs or you are simply repairing one or two trailers for use, we manufacture high-quality trailer ramp springs that make raising and lowering ramps a breeze. LouisMO.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Our design articles will help you discover things like how to measure your spring, how to calculate spring rate, and how to calculate your working loads based on your spring rate.

Other articles talk about the prodcuts we have to offer as well as the tools provided on this site to help you find your springs fast or generate a custom spring instant quote. Click on a link under a subject you're interested in to learn more about that subject. Compression springs are also known as coil springs. They are open wound linear springs because they have the same amount of pitch between each one of the coils. Learn about their dimensions, specifications, and how they work.

Extension springs are also known as tension springs. They are close wound linear springs because there is initial tension keeping the coils together as to be pulled apart. Learn about their dimensions and how they work.

Torsional springs are also known as torsion springs. They are close wound rotational springs with legs on the ends because they deflect radially under torque.

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Conical springs are also known as tapered springs. They are non-linear compression springs for they are open wound but have variable coil diameters. Spring rate is the proportional amount of force per one unit of distance traveled. This is what makes compression and extension springs linear. Learn about the formulas, calculations, and how spring rate works.

Spring design is very extensive since there are several subjects to learn about per spring type. Below you can find general design information for the three main spring types; such as formulas and explanations on how everything works.

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how to wind springs on trailer ramp door

If you are interested in buying a stock compression spring, you must know what you require your spring to do and where it will have to fit. Spring Finder is divided into a basic search and an advanced search. You can choose to search in English inches and pounds or Metric millimeters and Newtons units of measurement. The fields provided in the finder each correspond to a particular spring specification.

Each dimension has two input boxes so you can select a range. These are the limitations you want to set so that the search can provide results within those tolerances. The number of results you will get depends on the dimensions and ranges you entered. Besides choosing the quantity of results you want to view, you can also organize them based on the specification of your choosing.

After sorting the products in the order of your choosing, you can start looking through the list to decide which spring will work best. You can find the spring based on the maximum load or the maximum deflection. When you find the spring that meets your load and travel requirements, you can then check whether the spring rate meets your working loads.

Furthermore, you can check pricing at different quantities by clicking on the Quick View icon. This is to be able to compare them side by side in a more efficient manner. To enter the Compare Products page, find the link at the top of the page.Log in or Sign up. Sign up now!

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how to wind springs on trailer ramp door

Chamber of Commerce offered guidance on the loan. Click here to learn more. Messages: I'm looking for some help or even a DIY video. I have a Pace Enclosed trailer with a single torsion spring for the rear ramp door. I am suppose to have 2 cables that attach to the ramp.

The other day I ripped of the other cable. I know all the dangers about ripping my arms and face off, but I am not going to pay this every time I need.

Can anyone help me with setting up the cables and adjusting the torsion springs? I don't know if there are different styles or methods of setting up the system. To replace cables on my trailer, this is how you did it: Start with the door closed. Crimp a stop on a piece of cable a little longer than the old one.

Get the stop end into the notch in the pulley. Wind the cable around the pulley so it sits properly in all the grooves. Slide ferrule on the cable and make a loop with the grooved bushing inside.

Adjust it so it just makes it to the tab on the door. Crimp it and bolt it up. If there is not enough tension to assist you with closing the door, close the door and remove the cable. Figure a way to put a turn or two into the spring and hold it in place or have someone help you.

Put the cable back on and try the door again. Keep adding tension till it opens AND closes properly. Write the number of turns of the spring on the inside of the trailer so you know what to do next time the cable breaks.

ParkWeldingMar 8, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?To properly size a ramp door spring system, please complete the following form. We will crunch the numbers for you and provide quick feedback on the right system for you. Alternatively, you can complete the following sheet and send it back to us. M-3 Spring System Spec Template. Springing weight — Weight of the ramp at the beginning of the spring cycle.

Determined by placing a scale under the open door with no spring system attached. Door Height — It is also helpful to know the distance from the top of the door to the end of the open door. This is an easy check to be sure the cable will be long enough. This is a safety precaution that insures that the cable does not disconnect from the drum. Header Width — Width of available headroom inside of the trailer.

This determines the length of tube in the spring assist. Fill in the relevant information and send it to us. We will respond with a system that will meet your needs. The tube on spring systems can be shortened by cutting the tube with a hacksaw and re-positioning the component parts on the resulting narrower tube. The springs will grow in length as they are wound so it is possible to cut a tube too short.

Suggested fix — Close the door and secure it. Go inside the trailer and loosen the set screw on the cable drum that the cable is coming off of. After loosening the set screws wind the cable up on the drum until it is finger tight. Tighten the set screws. Open and close the door a couple of times to set the cable into the grooves of the drum.

This should correct the problem. If it does not — either the door is racked or the rear hoop frame of the trailer is racked. Both drums are the same diameter and they move on a common shaft at the same speed.

The only variable is the squareness of the door and trailer frames.

Ramp Door Spring Systems FAQ

Racking of frame components is not a situation M-3 can correct with the spring system. Questions regarding the placement of cable drums spools usually fall into one of two categories. Can I cut it down? Where do I re-position the spools?The winding pucks face each other.

Have two new cables and know how they came off the drums. Look at the twist on the spring to determine which way to wind it. It depends on the spring; unfortunately no set answer.

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You'll know immediately if you're going the wrong way at the spring will seem like it's unraveling instead of winding. You'll need to put a pair of visa grips on the shaft that holds the springs to prevent it from turning while you are winding. Usually it's one rotation from every foot height of door.

Only 1 thing about above On a trailer door? I say just the opposite. Basically you want to wind the springs with the cables extended. On a garage door the spring is under most tension when the door is closed cables are extended. But on a trailer door the spring is under most tension with the ramp door open again cables are extended.

Not to mention on a garage door there is no possible way to wind the springs with the door open because the door is in your way And most likely the same situation with a trailer door So open the door, extend the cables, and let some light and space in.

So as a complete non-expert, but someone who has adjusted his own trailer doors and installed several garage doors with zero training or experience, here are my answers to original questions:.

Wind in the only direction that the springs will start to tighten However many turns of the springs that it takes to make the door comfortably light enough to lift. Simple trial and error. Wind for a while. Tighten the set screw. Test the door. If it's still too heavy loosen set screw and wind them tighter. And if the door starts to lift and close by itself while you're winding? Whoops you've gone too tight Can't hurt anything except yourself if you lose control of the bars.

Trailer Ramp Springs: Universal Ramp Springs

For a specific answer here on number of turns I'm certain only Triton will know -- maybe they could be contacted. I tried winding the springs with the ramp door closed 3. Tighten spring in direction it grows in length.

This is pulling toward myself.Cargo Systems recommends our spring assemblies only be installed, adjusted or modified by the original trailer manufacturer or an authorized dealer. Under no circumstances should the end user attempt to modify, adjust or replace a torsion spring assembly.

We require the weight of the door and door dimensions to determine the proper spring assembly system for your installation.

Adjusting Torsion Spring

We will help calculate the door weight, if needed, to help determine which assembly is right for your application. We create specialized assemblies for doors with extra height, aluminum or steel tread plate, extra steel in the door or special flooring.

We have customized assemblies to properly lift doors that are heavier up to lbs. Ramp-Heister spring assemblies are designed for ramps of various weights, from lb. Always use the model designed for your door weight and height.

If in doubt, or for any special situations, contact Cargo Systems at Provide us with door width, height, and weight and we will provide springs for any special situation. This tension chart has been developed by Cargo Systems, Inc.

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We will advise you on proper placement of cable anchor bracket and number of turns for safe, proper operation so spring is not over stressed. Home Cargo Systems Install. How to get the best results for safe, smooth cargo door operation. Proper installation is essential for safe, smooth operation. Measure inside trailer width. Lay aside. Check cable drums — drum stamped RH on curbside, drum stamped LH on driverside.

Leave set screws loose. Galvanized bearing plates should be on outside of mounting angle, so that the shoulder of bolt fits in punched slot.

Adding Trailer Ramp Springs

Tighten four nuts securely. Stationary end of spring mounts on the curbside. Mount cable anchor bracket securely on ramp with through bolts. Install cable stop in slot of cable drums. Check all nuts and bolts on mounting assembly for proper tightness. Vise grip will lie against header to stop shaft from turning. Wind loose cable onto drum — start with RH curbside drum. Set cable taught and secure set screws. Wind drums up toward ceiling. Now set cable taught on LH drum and secure set screws.

By starting with RH drum, cable slack will be minimized. Wind tension onto torsion spring with ramp open. Caution should be exercised to see that bars are properly sized and seated before winding. An improper winding tool can rupture the casting and cause bodily harm. Wind spring down toward floor.

Tighten Set Screws once spring s are wound properly.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Find all of the technical information articles displayed in alphabetical order. Click on a title below to read more about the subject. The springs used for trailer ramps, doors, hatches, gates and lids are torsion springs.

These springs are made up of round wire helically wound to make coils. The ends of torsional springs are known as legs for the wire on the end coils sticks out as if it were a lever. The the torsion spring legs are what allow for your gate, ramp, door, hatch, or lid to apply a rotational force on the spring making it deflect within a range of There are a few formulas an guidelines to follow before purchasing torsion springs for your gate, ramp, door, hatch, or lid.

To calculate the amount of torsion spring rate per degree you need, multiply the length of the rampby the weight of the ramp by two and divide the product by the degrees your spring must travel including pre-load as shown in the example and diagrams below. Search Entire Catalog.

how to wind springs on trailer ramp door

Basic Search Search More Fields. Please fill in one or more fields to narrow down your search. Search Reset Form. Phone Number. Part Description. Quantity and other important details. Definition: Torsional torsion springs designed and manufactured to be installed into gates,trailer ramps, doors, hatches, and lids to complete a leverage function by making it easier to lift or lower the gate, ramp, lid, or door.

Formula Diagram.

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